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Automated powder dispensing

Powder weighing is a time-consuming activity. We have developed a new system for the weighing or the dispensing of dry powders down to 1 milligrams, depending on powder granulometry.

The precision can be as high as 0,01 mg depending on the dispensing environment.
CVs for are as low as 0.02 for low flowing powders to 0.20 for easy flowing powders depending on powder physical properties. A better repeatability is obtained with low fluidity powders.

For compound libraries, or for unstable solutions renewal and each time a lot of weighing are necessary. The goal is more generally to realize a solution with a known molarity.

Our system allows the powder preservation during the storage period. It has been developped to preserve physical and chemical samples properties, no mechanical pressure are used during the dispensing.

Our new system is patented

We offer an innovative solution, different from existing systems already on the market :

- The vial is opened during the dispensing and airtight during the storage to protect against dampness and sample loss.
- This new system has been developed to increase the dispensing speed and increasing the weighing throughput.

The system can be used as a standalone station or integrated into a fully automated application.

If you need help in a powder dispensing application, you can go to our "Consultancies" page, we can analyse the possibilities to make automated dispensing of your powders and to which precision it is possible.