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Automation and laboratory robotics

We build your automated application with our integration partners. We study with you the best solution according to your budget and to your throughputand according to the layout in your laboratory. When the application specifications are clearly defined, a budgetary quote is made.

The next step is a design study, when you have accepted the detailled specifications, the application building can start. These two last steps are realised by the automation integrator we have suggested according to its experience in the application field

At the end of the building, a FAT is organized followed by a SAT at the end of the site set up.

We are working in various application fields such as :

  • Process development, Extractions ( sol/liq, liq/liq )
  • Pharmaceutical forms analysis ( tablets / capsules / ampoules / transdermals ...)
  • Analysis of raw materials, environmental ( water / soils ... )
  • Screening
  • Plate replication
  • Preparation for analysis
  • Automated weighing
  • Solid and liquid libraries
  • Cell Culture
  • Parallele synthesis / Chemical synthesis
  • Synthesis optimization, etc...

We have also an extended knowledge of laboratory instruments that can be integrated in your application. Integrated instruments can be choosen according to your wishes except in case of technical incompatibility.

Our team ( Scientists, engineers ), has an experience of more than 20 years in laboratory automation and industrial robotics.

The complete confidentiality of your application is guaranteed.